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Fairtrade Karuta: Slideshow

This is an award-winning, bilingual (English and Japanese) Karuta set themed around Fairtrade* printed in February 2015 using the selected art & writing works created by children of 4 primary/secondary schools, East Kent.

*fair-trade: an international movement supporting producers in developing countries  through purchasing their products.

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‘My Japan’ Karuta

  • The page shows ‘My Japan’ Karuta cards (26 clues cards with 26 answer cards) themed around Japan.
  • The set was completed after a selection among 180 cards (90 picture, 90 clue cards) which were made through Creative Karuta sessions at primary schools in UK in addition to ‘Omotenashi’ Karuta Art & writing competition 2013

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Australia – Japan Exchange Karuta

  • This shows a compiled karuta cards with the following topics of Australia and Japan, created by
    Mortlake College students (Y5-Y7)  in February 2015.
  • Australian topics: Koala, Barbecue, Great Barrier Reef, Opera, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Lamington,
    Uluru, Gold Rush, Holden cars, Boab Tree, Vegemite,
  • Japanese topics: Calligraphy, Ohajiki(toy), Furin(wind bell), Tempura(food), Kabuki(theatre art), Ramen(noodle), Seiza(a way of sitting), Hot Spring, Toyota, Yukigassen(snow ball game) and
    Kendo (Samuai fencing)  .

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