About Creative Karuta Project

Creative Karuta Project is…

  • An award-winning*initiative to develop, promote Karuta as an educational, social tool
  • Through (1)Workshops, (2)Art & writing competitions, (3) Karuta Tournaments.
  • Started in the UK and is going to be available worldwide.

Click to learn the award

  • One of our Creative Karuta Project called ‘Fairtrade Karuta Project’ was awarded by Fairtrade Foundation as “Most Creative”.
  • They commented “the first Fairtrade related card game we’ve heard about!”

Why ?

  • Karuta is still an active game in Japan. New themed Karuta cards show up every year and Karuta game competitions have been held at school, in communities nationwide in Japan.
  • Creative Karuat Project intends to introduce such vibrant, creative ‘Karuta culture’ abroad to enrich education and communities worldwide.

(1) Workshops

  • We offer a step by step Workshop to help people learn, create and play Karuta
  • School workshops have been offered through placement programs, Japan Creative Weeks(UK) and Karuta in Education(Australia).
  • The workshops were also offered at the Conference of Japanese language teachers in Australia and in a partnersihp with a community group and local govement in Japan.

(2) Art & writing competitions

  • To involve the local community in the project we organize Art & writing competitions.
  • The two following competions were organized to collect pictures & clues for Karuta sets
  • ‘My Thanet’ Art competition(2012, UK)
  • ‘Omotenashi’ My Japan Karuta competition (2013-, Japan)

(3)Karuta Tournaments

  • By working with a community group we organize a Karuta tournament to reach more audiences.
  • 2(two) Karuta Tournaments were held as part of local community event, UK.

A variety of Creative Karuta Project

We have been working on the following projects.

  • Community Karuta Project
  • Fairtrade Karuta Project
  • Sister City Karuta Project
  • International Karuta Project
  • Kauta 2020