Project List

The following shows various types of Creative Karuta Project we have worked on.

Community Karuta Project

  • THis is to create a set of karuta cards themed around local scenes such as landmarks, annual events, food/products
  • ‘My Thanet’ Karuta set was created through over 10 school workshops and ‘My Thanet’ Art competition
  • My Thanet is the first community Karuta created outside of Japan and the first Karuta Tournamet was also held in 2013.

‘Fairtrade’ Karuta Project

  • This is to create Karuta Cards featuring Fairtrade such as products & campaigns, producers, and shops associated with Fair Trade.
  • The 3 sets of Fair Trade Karuta havebeen created in Japan and UK.
  • ‘Fairtrade Karuta’ Tournament was held in March 2015, Kent UK.

‘Sister City’ Karuta Project

  • This project is to create Karuta cards representing 2 cities who have sister city relationship each other.
  • Irvine-Tsukuba Sister City Karuta was created as the first Sister City Karuta through a Creative Karuta Workshop in our partnership with Tsukuba City, Japan. (Irvine is a city in California, USA)

International Karuta Project

  • To creating Karuta cards representing various countries
  • Through school workshops about 10 sets of Karuta cards have been already created associated with Australia, Japan and UK.

‘Karuta 2020’ Project

  • A global 4-year project to create a special karuta set to celebrate Tokyo Olympic Games, 2020
  • Through Karuta 2020 Awards, workshops
  • and to hold a Karuta Tournament in 2020