Japan Creative Weeks, UK

Schools in UK are invited

To join ‘Japan Creative Weeks’ by hosting our Japanese visitors for creative cultural exchange.

Japan Creative Weeks is…

  • A school visit program on primary and secondary level
  • By a group of trained Japanese visitors with an experienced supervisor
  • To offer Japanese cultural sessions for 1 – 3 days per school
  • During the 2 weeks in Kent or in London in Feb/Mar and Sep.
  • With over 3000 children’s participation since 2011


  • Origami(from Y1, 1 hour)
  • Japanese Calligraphy (from Y4, 1 hour)
  • Karuta Game(from Y3, 1 hour)
  • Creative Karuta (From Y5, 4.5 hours)

About Karuta, Creative Karuta

  • Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game around a theme using like-a-haiku clue cards and the answer (e.g. a picture) on separate cards.
  • A clue is read out and players compete for speed to touch the answer card. The winner is the player with the most cards.
  • Creatve Karuta is a step by step session which will help children learn Japan first, then create their own set of cards themed around Japan & UK and finally play karuta with the new cards.
  • Creative Karuta session is a part of ‘Karuta 2020’, to celebrate 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The excellent works of your students will be nominated for the Karuta Award 2018. You can see the awa

Benefits to Host School

  • Enriching the curriculum through exposing the students to Japanese culture
  • Increased student’s creative skills in art, literacy and better team work
  • A copy of the completed Karuta set (through Creative Karuta)

What are Host School to offer ?

  • No participation fee
  • Classroom session hours
  • Space for preparation
  • PC with a projector, papers, stationaries
  • School lunches and drinks if possible

List of necessary items

  • Origami:
    copied wokrsheets(A4), pencils, coloured pencils, glue sticks
  • Calligraphy:
    copied worksheets(A4), pencils, white paper (A3)
  • Karuta Game:
    a hoop, a gym matt
  • Creative Karuta:
    a hoop, a gym matt, copied worksheets(A3)
    felt-tips, colouring pencils

Japanese visitors are…

  • Mostly university students
  • taking the initial week’s training at local English school, UK
  • joining the programme to learn UK culture, language through teaching experiences.

Words from Host Teachers

“The children loved playing and making the Karuta card game. I liked the way they were doing literacy and art at the same time. The children were very proud of their pictures and poetic sentences.
Y5 Teacher, Bromstone Primary School, Kent
“The children had a lovely day making origami, drawing, singing and learning about Japanese culture. All the Japanese students were very friendly and taught the children well. This is the sort of thing the children will remember when they leave school. Thank you very much.
Year 4 Teacher, St. Nicholas at Wade CE Primary School

British Ambassador says…

“The British Embassy Tokyo is pleased to support the work of the FROM JAPAN Institute and I look forward to seeing more of these creative cultural exchanges expanded to other communities across the UK and Japan.”
Mr Tim Hitchens, British Ambassador to Japan
June 2013

Past Host Schools are..

The list of Host Schools


  • Thanet (Primary)
    Bromstone Primary School
    Christ Church-in-Thanet Junior School
    Drapers Mills Primary School
    Holy Trinity and St John’s Primary School
    Monkton CE Primary School
    Newington Primary School
    Palmbay Primary School
    Salmestone Primary School
    St Anthony School
    St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School
    St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
    St Laurence -in-Thanet Junior School
    St Nicolas-at-Ward Primary School
    St Peter-in-Thanet Junior School
  • Thanet (Secondary)
    Dane Court Grammar School, Thanet
  • Canterbury (Primary)
    Adisham Primary School
    Ash Primary School
    Hersden Primary School
    Parkside Primary School
    Sturry Primary School
    Wickhambreaux Primary School
  • Deal
    Kingsdown and Ringwould CEP School
  • Dover
    – Dover Grammar School for Boys


  • Portsmouth
    Copnor Primary School
  • Winchester
    Western Church of England Primary School


  • Preston
    Lostock Hall Priamry School
    St. Francis’ Catholic Primary School
    St Thomas CE Primary School


  • Ealing (Primary)
    Berrymede Junior School
    Grange Primary School
    Stanhope Primary School
    West Acton Primary Schoo l
  • Ealing (Secondary)
    Featherstone High School