What we do

The follwing programs/project are organized..

Japan Creative Weeks (UK)

A group of Japanese people visit primary/secondary schools for 1-3 days per school to offer Japanese cultural sessions in Kent and London in Feb/Mar and September.

Karuta in Education (worldwide)

A or pair of trained Japanese Karuta Coordinator(s) is placed all year round with a primary/secondary school for 3-12 weeks to offer Creative Karuta session to help students create their own Karuta cards and to play with them.

Creative Karuta Project (Japan, worldwide)

An award-winning initiative to develop, promote Karuta through a series of activities such as workshops, art competition, exhibitions and Karuta championship.

The on-going Karuta projects are themed around Community,Fairtrade, International exchange, Sister City Karuta and Karuta 2020

Karuta 2020 (Japan, worldwide)

A global 4-year Creative Karuta Project to create a special karuta set to celebrate 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games through Karuta 2020 Awards, Workshops and to hold a Karuta Tournament in 2020