Karuta in Education (KIE), worldwide


Schools across the world are invited to join ‘Karuta In Education’ (KIE) program by hosting our trained Japanese Karuta Coordinator at school for 3-12 weeks to for creative cultural exchange.

about Karuta

  • Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game around a theme using clue cards and the answer (e.g. a picture) on separate cards.
  • The players compete to touch the answer cards with clues which are read out. The winner is the player with the most cards.

What’s Karuta in Education

  • A worldwide placement program of a or pair of Japanese Coordinator(s)
  • with primary(elementary) and secondary(middle, high) schools to offfer
  • (1) Creative Karuta session (4 hrs/class, from Year/Grade 4)
    (2) Karuta Introduction(1 hour/class, all-year who won’t create cards)
  • while assisting teachers in other classes

Benefits to Host School

  • Enriching the curriculum through exposing the students to Japanese culture
  • Increased student’s creative skills in art, literacy and better team work
  • A copy of the completed Karuta set
  • A chance to be part of ‘Karuta 2020
  • about ‘Karuta 2020’

    • Creative Karuta session is a part of ‘Karuta 2020’, creating a special karuta set promoting Olympic participating countries.
    • The excellent works of your students will be nominated for the Karuta 2020 Award.

What is Host School to offer?

  • No participation fee
  • 4 hours of sesion time (typically 1 hour per week per class) with Year/Grade 3 and older
  • Host families*with an access to the school.(*Our visitors are willing to defray the expenses)

Who are Karuta Coordinators?

  • Mostly, screened, trained university students, young professionals
  • Joining the program to learn your culture, education and language while having practical training experiences.

Words from a Host Teacher, Australia

“The coordinators were organized, friendly and well prepared. “

“The ‘Karuta in Education’ project is a fun, authentic and engaging way for students to learn about Japanese culture, providing a springboard for future language and cultural learning opportunities. “

(Do you think Karuta can be an educational tool ?)
” Very much. Student can research a topc to learn more about it and create their own cards to show their understanding, then consolidate their learning, then share by playing with others. “

Angela Roccasalva
Japanese Teacher
Viewbank Primary School
VIC, Australia
(August 27, 2015)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What do you need for the session

    A:a hoop, a gym matt, PC, projecter, screen,printername list of students, copied worksheets(A3), black pens and felt-tips,
  • Q: I am Japanese teacher but teach only 2 days per week. Can I host your coordinator?

    A: Yes if our Coordinator can do something on other days (e.g. assisting in other teacher’s classes)
  • Q: Will your coordinator teache only Karuta? Can she/he teach other Japanese culture?

    A:Yes, our coordinators are trained in sharing a variety of Japanese culture such as Origami, Japanese writing and life in Japan.
  • Q: Can we share your coordinator with other school?

    A: Yes.
  • Q:Is it Ok several families are going to host?